This session will showcase eight Lifestyle Medicine physicians, each speaking to their unique Lifestyle Medicine clinical practice model, including: primary care, direct primary care, concierge, hybrid (primary care / concierge), specialist, VA/government, healthcare system integration, and community-based.

Learning Objectives:

  • List various practice models that Lifestyle Medicine providers and professionals are using in clinical practice
  • Distinguish the differences between the delivery of each practice model and what settings each might be applied in
  • Describe the key elements and action steps for the implementation of the highlighted practice models
  • Describe the tools and resources needed and available to implement the highlighted practice models
  • Determine which practice models would be appropriate to apply in a practice setting
  • Formulate a plan to implement one or more of these practice models in a practice setting
  • Prepare to apply one or more practice model in his or her own clinical practice


The date


Sat, 24 Oct 2020