Re-define the concept of nutrition in terms of its depth, breadth, and rapidity of response in reference to the current COVID-19 pandemic and future viral epidemics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Lifestyle Medicine 
  • Summarize the research of Dr. Dean Ornish in regard to heart disease reversal, telomeres and gene expression, prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s, and the efficacy of Lifestyle Medicine in regard to all
  • Explain the research of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn in regard to preventing and reversing heart disease by prescribing a whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle
  • Discuss the research of Dr. Colin Campbell in regard to clinical nutrition and a wholistic as opposed to a reductionist approach, emphasizing the symphonic biological benefit of using food as medicine
  • Describe the research of Dr. John McDougall in regard to intensive therapeutic lifestyle change (ITLC) clinical intervention as efficacious treatment approach for chronic disease treatment and reversal.



The date


Thu, 22 Oct 2020