For more than a decade, the American College of Sports Medicine has refined Exercise is Medicine which now includes highly effective strategies and tools for direct referrals and relationships among healthcare providers, health clubs, and fitness professionals.  This presentation focuses on strategies and tools learned from physicians who regularly refer patients to clubs, from the fitness professional who helps develop premier national certification programs, and from practitioners who have established successful business models. Programs for spinal cord/paralysis, pediatric and young adult cancer, and diabetes are examples of successful programs seamlessly integrating the EIM platform creating winning and profitable formulas.


Learning Objectives

  1. Physical activity can be integrated into the healthcare system and can be connected to existing community resources with a successful business model.
  2. Community resources can be used effectively for people with a variety of special needs, and produce new sources of income for clubs in more ways than you can imagine.
  3. The healthcare sector offers a variety of resources that can facilitate referrals for special needs patients.


The date


Wed, 30 Oct 2019