A critical component of recovery, healing, and overall wellness is patients’ adherence to lifestyle modification. However, patients’ passivity along with their ability and willingness to amend their behavioral choices is a common barrier to health improvement. In her keynote address, Dr. Georgiou will explain why advancing lifestyle medicine as the foundation of health will only be successful if there is a cultural shift – one that puts patients and professionals on an level playing field. She will explain why clinicians should embrace this transition and propose an actionable framework for infusing patients’ voices and, subsequently, personal accountability, into the care plan.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss how the current healthcare culture impacts the adoption of Lifestyle Medicine.
  2. Review the rationale and dynamics of a “patient as expert” healthcare culture.
  3. Describe the framework and basic techniques that clinical professionals can use to engage patients in making healthcare choices.

CME/CNE/CE: 1.25 | CPE: 0.0


The date


Tue, 29 Oct 2019