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I. Submission Deadline

All abstract submissions must be received no later than August 1, 2017.
Late or incomplete submissions will be ineligible for review. Use the following guidelines to ensure a complete and appropriate submission.

II. Submission Topics

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts for a poster presentation in all major areas of lifestyle medicine. We define lifestyle medicine as, “the use of lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease.” These common intervention include:

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Other Non-Drug Modalities

Abstract topics in preventive medicine, behavioral health, psychology, medical education, and lifestyle medicine practice are also welcome.

III. Rules for Submission

  • Abstracts must be received online by August 1 at 11:59 pm PST.
  • Faxed, emailed, or mailed abstract submissions will not be accepted.
  • You are permitted to submit only one abstract as first author, but may co-author as many other abstracts as desired.
  • All authors must approve the abstract before submission.
  • The abstract must be novel, and not have been published as an abstract or full paper in a scientific, medical, or professional publication at the time of submission.
  • You must identify any affiliations or financial interests, on your abstract, of any commercial entities that can have a bearing on the subject matter of your abstract.
  • To present your abstract at the conference, you must be registered for the conference. If your conference registration is not received by the deadline, any accepted abstracts will be removed and unable to present.

The Research Review Committee has the authority to select and approve any abstract.

IV. Preparing the Abstract

Please complete each section carefully. Incomplete or insufficiently completed abstracts will not be reviewed. Each abstract is limited to a maximum of 300 words, and must be written in English.

Title: The title should be brief, concise, and informative to the viewer (limit to 15 words).

Authors: Include all authors’ first and last names.

Institutions: Include institutions of all authors.

Text: The abstract must be informative, including a statement of the study’s specific PURPOSE, and include a brief BACKGROUND, METHODS, summary of RESULTS, and CONCLUSION. Use these headings in your abstract submission.

Abstracts must include relevant data to substantiate all conclusions being drawn, or will result in rejection. Do not simply describe what was found (such as, “the plant-based dietary group reduced their risk more than the control group”), or only present the statistical results with no other data (such as, “associations were significant at p < .05”).

Funding: Report the source of any funding received for the research. If no funding was received, put “N/A”

Conflicts of Interests: Any conflicts of interest, including affiliations and/or financial interests that have a bearing on the subject matter of your abstract must be reported. If there are none, put “The authors report no conflicts of interest related to this research.”

Word Count: Provide the exact word count of the entire abstract.

V. Criteria for Evaluation of Abstracts

The Research Review Committee will review all abstracts, and those selected for a poster presentation at the conference will based on scientific merit, and the following criteria.

General Style and Presentation

  • The abstract meets all rules of submission (Section III).
  • The abstract is properly and fully prepared (Section IV).
  • The abstract is concise and clear, with no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • All proposed research questions are adequately answered with the research.
  • The scientific study was performed using correct and rigorous scientific methods.
  • The abstract exhibits mastery of the subject.
  • The proposed presentation will contribute to achieving the overall Lifestyle Medicine conference goals, and is relevant to the professional practice of other attendees.

Abstract Structure

  • The PURPOSE of the study is clearly stated, and consistent with lifestyle medicine and/or other proposed topic areas (see Section II).
  • The BACKGROUND section briefly and concisely sets up the “gap” or needed research, and how the proposed research met this need.
  • The METHODS section clearly outlines the research methods used, and is appropriate for answering the research question(s).
  • The RESULTS section includes relevant data to substantiate all conclusions.
  • The CONCLUSION section describes the relevant application of the research to lifestyle medicine, preventive medicine, and/or public health.
  • Title, Authors, Institutions, Funding Source, and Conflicts of Interests are provided.

VI. Scientific Research Awards and Recognition Criteria

The Research Review Committee will recognize outstanding abstract presentations at the conference. First authors of the abstracts selected for the conference are eligible to receive the recognition. Certificates of recognition will be mailed to the presenting author after the conclusion of the conference.

One abstract will be chosen from the following Scientific Research Award categories:

  • Outstanding Scientific Abstract Poster Presentation in Lifestyle Medicine
  • Outstanding Scientific Abstract Poster Presentation (professionals)
  • Outstanding Scientific Abstract Poster Presentation (resident/trainee/fellows)
  • Outstanding Scientific Abstract Poster Presentation (student)